Châteaux of the Loire: Royal Visit

88 minutes

The Loire Valley was the playground of kings for three centuries, spurring the construction of countless castles. The region also boasts imposing medieval cities, a majestic religious heritage, as well as renowned cuisine and vineyards. Live like royalty during a trip into the heart of history!

Utah: Natural Contrasts

75 minutes

Utah is renowned for its contrasting geological diversity. On one side, numerous snow-capped mountains surround Salt Lake City, the state capital. On the other, arid deserts give way to spectacular rock formations. Utah’s geological diversity is in contrast with its people, who for the most part live in urban areas and share a Mormon faith.

Bolivia: From the Altiplano to the Amazon

82 minutes

From the large wild spaces of the Altiplano to the green expanse of the Amazon and the highest mountains of the Andes, Bolivia offers spectacular nature and colourful traditions. Its population, largely Quechua and Aymara, adds a unique character to the country. Experience an epic voyage from West to East while discovering incomparable landscapes.

Yukon: Wild Beauty

90 minutes

Home of the Gold Rush, the Yukon boasts many other natural treasures: the highest mountains in Canada, wild spaces, still untouched, and a unique fauna. Its origins are solidly anchored in its history and its vibrant communities continue to forge this land, a land that is even bigger than nature, in ways that defy the imagination.

Armenia: Proud and Fierce

83 minutes

Armenia is home to one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. However, its territory has been shaped over time by the whims of neighbouring forces. Independent again, Armenia is rebuilding itself while proudly preserving its cultural heritage and architectural history. Come and meet these fierce people, endowed with an incredible vitality.

Puerto Rico: Treasure Island

75 minutes

Aside from its roughly 430 kilometres of golden sand coasts, Puerto Rico boasts a hidden colonial treasure of untold wealth. A water sports paradise, it is home to one of the few bioluminescent bays on the planet. And even if it is an American territory, its culture and traditions are unique and distinct.

Vietnam: In the Eye of the Dragon

84 minutes

In addition to Vietnam’s more famous sites, such as Ha Long Bay, the Imperial City of Hue and the Mekong Delta floating markets, this film explores remote regions of the ancient Tonkin, where “Mountain Princesses” live in extraordinary hillside landscape, shaped by rice paddies.