• 30 January 2019

Don’t be victim of overbooking!

Don’t be victim of overbooking!

Don’t be victim of overbooking! 1024 683 Passport to the World

We all have in mind the recent case in which a United passenger was brutalized to get off a plane, as the company overbooked the flight. Here are three tips so you won’t be victim of such a situation:

  • Check-in in advance: The sooner you check in, better are your chances to be spared if the flight is overbooked. Some air carriers will even let you do it online up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Reserve a seat: You can now reserve a specific seat on many flights, by paying most of the time an extra fee. The more you are a “lucrative” customer, less are the chances you will be taken off a flight.
  • Arrive early: Arrive early at the check-in desk. If the air carrier has to refuse transportation to a passenger, the last one registered is often the first one picked, since your luggage will probably be on the way to the plane, or even already on the aircraft.

If such a situation should happen to you, generous compensations are usually offered to volunteers. However, always verify the specific conditions and restrictions of the voucher.