Puerto Rico: Treasure Island

Production Year: 2017 Run Time: 76 minutes Region: Latin America and Caribbean

Aside from its roughly 430 kilometres of golden sand coasts, Puerto Rico boasts a hidden colonial treasure of untold wealth. A water sports paradise, it is home to one of the few bioluminescent bays on the planet. And even if it is an American territory, its culture and traditions are unique and distinct.

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Yukon: Wild Beauty

Production Year: 2017 Run Time: 90 minutes Region: North America

Home of the Gold Rush, the Yukon boasts many other natural treasures: the highest mountains in Canada, wild spaces, still untouched, and a unique fauna. Its origins are solidly anchored in its history and its vibrant communities continue to forge this land, a land that is even bigger than nature, in ways that defy the imagination.

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