Châteaux of the Loire: Royal Visit

Production Year: 2018 Run Time: 78 minutes Region: Europe

The Loire Valley was the playground of kings for three centuries, spurring the construction of countless castles. The region also boasts imposing medieval cities, a majestic religious heritage, as well as renowned cuisine and vineyards. Live like royalty during a trip into the heart of history!

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Corsica: Mediterranean Splendour

Production Year: 2018 Run Time: 78 minutes Region: Europe

Corsica springs from the Mediterranean like a jewel from the sea. Its picturesque shorelines and translucent bays are hypnotizing. The cliff-top and mountain-top villages fiercely protect their old-fashioned charm with traditional songs, dances and language. In Corsica, the traces of the past blend beautifully with the present, adding to the magic of this island of splendours.

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Ireland: Emerald Island

Production Year: 2019 Run Time: 77 minutes Region: Europe

Green is the first thing that people associate with Ireland. Green plains and hills dominate the landscapes scattered with castles before ending abruptly at chiselled oceanside cliffs. Then, at the end of the day, when the rays of the setting sun pierce through the clouds and shimmer on the horizon, you will quickly understand why this paradise is known as the Emerald Island.