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Châteaux of the Loire: Royal Visit

Passeport pour le monde | Passport to the world
Release Date: 1 September 2017
Released Date: 2018
Run Time: 78 minutes
Version: English

The Loire Valley has been the playground of kings and noblemen for three centuries, spurring the construction of countless castles, each more opulent than the last. The result: a collection of architectural treasures spread across a beautiful natural setting.

Chambord is certainly the best example of this excess, with 77 stairwells and 282 chimneys. Chenonceau, nicknamed the “Château des Dames” (Castle of the Ladies), is notable for its location, spanning the Cher River, and for its magnificent gardens.

The region also hosts imposing medieval cities, a majestic religious history marked by cathedrals and abbeys, as well as remarkable cuisine and vineyards.

Come live like royalty on a trip into the heart of history!

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