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Passport to the World was born of the desire to discover or rediscover a variety of world destinations, both known and unknown by the general public, by means of high-quality documentaries.

Passport to the World exclusively presents professionally filmed productions in high definition. These films depict an overall portrait of a destination, similar to a guide book, but with images and sound!

Management Team

Passport to the World has put together a professional management team, who are experts in all facets of global tourism and cinematographic production. The team collaborates closely with its clients and partners to provide an exceptional product.

Passeport pour le monde | Passport to the world

Jadrino Huot

Chief Executive Officer

Jadrino Huot is a journalist and speaker specialized in tourism who has visited 51 countries around the world. He has acted for many years as a spokesperson in air transportation. Jadrino has a business degree with a major in marketing.

Movies: Châteaux of the Loire; Ireland; Peru; Porto Rico; Utah; Yukon

Passeport pour le monde | Passport to the world

Yohan Leduc

Vice-President (Head Film Director)

Yohan Leduc is an experienced director who has participated in many highly-rated projects related to tourism, automobiles and sports. His work has been shown around the world on various platforms, namely TV, movie theatres and the web.

Movies: Porto Rico; Hong Kong

Stephan Gabriele

Director of Partnerships

Stephan Gabriele has over 20 years of experience in broadcasting, marketing and TV production. Known for his integrity and dedication to quality, Stephan has a deep understanding of the Canadian and International TV landscape.


Mèlik Benkritly

Mèlik Benkritly began his career with CBC/Radio-Canada. An expert in photo direction, he left his job to become the official cameraman and film editor who follow the Montreal Canadiens on the road for TVA Sports. His passion for photography is what drives him to continue to develop his techniques in the pursuit of stunning artistic imagery.

Movies: Ireland; Peru; Utah; Yukon

Jacques Ducoin

Jacques Ducoin is attracted by the Far North and wilderness since his childhood. Photographer and director, he likes to share his passion and his emotions. After adventures in the heart of the Indian Himalayas, Alaska and the Yukon, his travels took him to Greenland, Spitsbergen and Siberia to meet the last nomadic reindeer herders.

Movies: Great North

Passeport pour le monde | Passport to the world

Hélène et Christian Goubier

Hélène and Christian Goubier have been travelling since the age of 20. They have explored multiple Middle Eastern and Asian countries, including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nepal. They then continued their adventures with their children in Europe, North America, and Southern Africa. These two adventurers have now set their sights on Latin America.

Movies: Bolivia

Passeport pour le monde | Passport to the world

Fannie Leblond

Fannie Leblond has lived in the world of videos, television, and films for more than 15 years. Her roles have found her behind the camera, editing and directing, and working as both a project manager and technical supervisor. Her travels motivate her behind the scenes, with her passion for new places and people embodied in the way she captures the local culture.

Movies: Châteaux of the Loire; Corsica

Christopher Leduc

Christopher Leduc has only been making a living off audiovisual production since 2011, but he has already worked on more than 200 projects, some of which are films and documentaries destined for television. He takes advantage of every opportunity to combine two of his passions, travel and imagery, always pushing his limits for adventure, discovery and challenge.

Movies: Atlantic

Passeport pour le monde | Passport to the world

Annie et Pierre Régior

Annie and Pierre Régior share a passion for travel which has brought them to, amongst other destinations, Antarctica, Mongolia, South Africa, Syria and Armenia. Annie, a biologist, and Pierre, an economics teacher, have a shared passion for people and the beauty of imagery, which compelled them to produce several films.

Movies: Armenia

Annie-Claude Roberge

Annie-Claude Roberge has travelled the world for more than 15 years to capture its wonders, big and small, as an adventure filmmaker and photographer. She enjoys giving life to stories, but to do so, she believes it is essential to have experienced one’s own stories. Annie-Claude is a passionate young woman who pursues her profession with authenticity, inquisitiveness and respect.

Movies: Madagascar

Christian Vérot

Christian Vérot caught the travel bug at age 23, when he crossed the American continents and the Arctic circle in an old Citroën. Since 1990, he has worked full time as a director, author and speaker in France and Belgium. His work has notably appeared in multiple festivals and has been shown on FR3.

Movies: Vietnam

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