The Great North: From Greenland to Siberia 940 788 Passport to the World

The Great North: From Greenland to Siberia

Release Date: 4 June 2018
Released Date: 2019
Run Time: 77 minutes
Version: Other

The Great North is a little-known world, a hostile land ruled by ice and cold. Go above the Arctic Circle to meet the rare inhabitants and the animals who populate this immense territory, from Spitsbergen in Norway to the shores of Greenland, and take the long Northwest Passage, the maritime corridor located above Canada and Alaska, to Siberia.

You will also share the lives of the Dolgans, reindeer herders from the Taymyr region, joining them in their village for a traditional festival and during a migration. You will see how these men and women still live in symbiosis with nature as their ancestors have done for centuries.

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